• CÉLEBRE Fetal Totale CFT
  • Potent Super Extracts for a Complete Vitality Boost

    This superior age defying, vitality-boosting whole organ cell extracts exhibits multiple functional traits akin to stem cells. Procured at the end of embryogenesis, Célebre’s Fetal Totale is an outstanding revolutionary ingredient that addresses the multiple functional needs of different vital organs and tissues in the most versatile manner. Giving devitalised systems and organs a much needed boost via drastic improvement in circulation and oxygen utilisation, this enriched formula of ultra-ingredients directs the body to re-discover a long-lasting feeling of physical relief, vitality and energy. Rapidly, the immune system is strengthened, while the body’s natural ability to regulate inflammation and to correct imbalances is intensified.

    On a separate dimension, this super-formula also brings stability, clarity and nimbleness to the mind. With multiple benefits, Célebre’s Fetal Totale allows for the greatest rejuvenating body and mind experience - to look, feel and think young!