• Célebre Placenta Sheep (CPS)
  • Super Extracts for Inside-Out Rejuvenation

    If you are searching for an intensively rejuvenating anti-aging experience, look no further. Célebre’s Placenta Sheep (CPS) in chilled form captures the rich, dynamic essence of pure sheep placenta in a treatment that is considered the ‘jewel of anti-aging’. Extremely advanced technologically, CPS is packed with active ingredients to resist premature aging and degeneration in a complete inside-out rejuvenation manner.

    The intensive rejuvenating treatment facilitated by CPS nourishes the aging tissue and organ components in your body with over 128 growth factors, vitamins, bio-active cytokines, dermal bio-activators, trace minerals and enzymes, amplifying cellular renewal and repair on various depths and dimensions, resulting in an exceptional enhancement in health, vivacity and aesthetics.

    Crystallized from the proprietory Zero-Heat Enzymatic Extraction Technology developed by Célebre, the CPS treatment naturally rectifies hormonal imbalance by rejuvenating the core of the endocrine system, without resulting in dependency, glandular atrophy and withdrawals of standard hormone therapy. It strengthens the immune system with added fortification to the body’s natural ability to regulate inflammation.

    Experience your body basking under the rush of essential nutrients and cellular rejuvenation. Bid adieu to dry, sallow skin, slow-healing wounds & wrinkles and say hello progressively to unparalleled rejuvenation that will leave you looking at yourself in the mirror for just a bit longer than usual.

    Go ahead, admire yourself. You’re now absolutely radiant.