• Célebre Skin-Collagen-Elastin (CSE)
  • Age-defying Super Extracts for Aesthetic Rejuvenation

    Experience the elating confidence that celebrities enjoy with a superior aesthetic rejuvenation treatment by Célebre that actively combines a trio of supreme age-defying ingredients – Skin, Collagen and Elastin – to stimulate cellular renewal and effectively resist the overwhelming elements of environmental and photo aging.

    With its superior power to promote dermal collagen and elastin synthesis, Skin-Collagen-Elastin (CSE) adds an intensive boost to the natural moisture retention ability of the skin, and provides an all-enveloping sensation of luxuriance to the skin, restoring its exquisite radiance, suppleness and tone, in a short time.

    Powered by a supreme concoction of active cellular ingredients procured at the fetal stage, this ultra rejuvenating formula boasts unparalleled precision in targeting pigmentation, age spots and blemishes.