Célebre Phytostem Series

Multi-perfection Phyto-Stem cell Extracts for Body Rejuvenation and Skin Lightening

Célebre Phyto Stem Cell Extracts

The Célebre PHYTOSTEM Series is ‘au-naturel’, and is perhaps the most potent, regenerative ingredient and a botanical derivative of the unparalleled Zero-Heat Enzymatic Extraction Technology developed by Célebre.

Bioactive phyto-cell extracts, procured from the purest non-genetically modified species of yeast found in the farthest reaches of France, offer an age-defying stream of essential nutrients to old, degenerating cells and act as true bio-stimulators for the skin’s natural development.

The detoxification and anti-oxidisation offered by the Célebre PHYTOSTEM Series is unparalleled. It stimulates the self-correcting and regulating process in the body’s inner milieu boosting cellular repair and regeneration, whilst stimulating cells to consume higher levels of oxygen.

These robust active ingredients include peptides, trace elements, mineral salts, soluble sugars, nitrogen and phosphorous compounds involved in cellular metabolism and other basic activities in the living cells.

The full-bodied yeast cells from the plant are extracted and ultra-filtrated with Célebre’s Multiple-Step Ultra-Filtration process to harness its precious botanical cellular constituents in its purest form.

With these exclusive botanical ingredients, your anti-aging dream is now a step closer to realisation, with Célebre.