Célebre Placen Series

Lyophilized Placenta Cells for Standard Cell Regeneration

Célebre Lyophilized Placenta

The Célebre Placen Series is an enhanced, freeze-dried placenta cells that is proven to be entirely sterile when compared to the results of traditional techniques. With Célebre’s Advanced Vacuum LyoDehydration technique, the biological integrity of the extracts’ biochemical substances, as well as the natural cellular components is significantly preserved, ensuring that you receive not just the best, but the purest for your anti-aging requirement.

The allergic potential of cellular preparations is rendered significantly low with Célebre’s Advanced Vacuum LyoDehydration technique, as it effectively destroys intracellular cementum, a protein allergen.

Lyophilisation (Freeze-Drying) has been a symbolic breakthrough in the history of cellular therapy and is reputedly known as the cellular therapy archetype that spawned a series of innovations in cellular extraction techniques and solutions. While cellular therapy was still in its infancy, the freeze-drying process disparagingly accentuated the importance of sterility by embedding a component of prolonged shelf life for adequate testing between extraction and administration.