A renewed sense of well-being

Daily Nourishing Capsules with Premium Cell Extracts for a Complete Age-Defying experience

About Célebre Softgels

A flawless complexion can be all yours with Célebre’s P-Cell Extracts, a superior cell-based, daily nourishing capsule. Experience an essential inside-out rejuvenation that displays proven effectiveness against the signs of aging. Inspired by the life-giving aptitude of the placenta, Célebre’s P-Cell Extracts boasts a unique, energising formula with anti-aging elements that are found in the placenta at their highest potency of wholesomeness and bioactivity.

By postulating a wholesome nourishment of over 128 growth factors, dermal bio activators, amino acids, vitamins and minerals naturally derived from the placenta, this revolutionary age-defying supplement has the unmatched ability to accelerate cellular renewal and repair not just skin deep, but also at the organic level of the interlinking structures of inner organs and tissues.

Célebre’s P-Cell Extracts shares the same perfection of Célebre Dual-Factor that preserves the complete bioactivity of cellular ingredients in their purest form, guaranteeing maximum absorption in the intestinal tract for complete nourishment.

The quality placenta extracts in the Célebre Softgels are acquired from sheep that have been specially raised for 40 generations, far exceeding FDA’s requirements of 25 to 30 generations.

Peerless and unrivalled, this superior nutritional supplement prepares you to undertake daily activities with optimal energy levels and health, whilst luxuriating the skin and complexion with exquisite radiance, so that the timeless beauty of famed celebrities is perfectly embodied.


Slow down aging process

Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

Improvements in general immune system

Enhancement of skin’s structure