Frequently Asked Questions​

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What factors do the results depend on?

Results depend on factors such as physical health, age and lifestyle. Aging technically starts at the age of 35, so the results you see depend on your age as well as your lifestyle.


How fast can I see results?

Ordinarily, results can be experienced after the first course. However, there have been cases where results can be experienced almost instantaneously. Stamina, mobility and flexibility does improve tremendously.


Are results guaranteed?

As there are numerous factors involved, results can never be guaranteed. However, if you allow advice regarding diet and lifestyle, significantly positive results can be experienced and enjoyed.


Is Cell Therapy something I really need?

If you are someone who is really concerned with reversing the detrimental effects of ageing in your body, then surely Cell Therapy is for you. Célebre’s premier Swiss Cell Therapy with its state-of-the-heart processes and technology offers you the best, most scientifically researched method to revitalise, rejuvenate and regenerate your body.


Has Célebre Cell Therapy been scientifically certified and clinically tested?

Yes, Célebre Cell Therapy has been scientifically certified by international authorities and private agencies.


Are there any side effects I should be prepared for?

None at all. In the past 80 years of usage in Europe there have been NO documented reports of side effects, based on clinical studies.


Could there be any possibility of Cell Therapy causing skin allergies?

There are but a few isolated cases of skin allergy reported, that subside after a few minutes. We would recommend adding a 1000mg dosage of Vitamin C plus Calcium, every morning and evening to your diet, during the duration of a course of Cell Therapy to combat any allergies that may crop up.


How effective really is Célebre's Collagen Skin Elastin treatment?

Skin Peptides are extracted from the fetal skin and then cultured, hence the administration of this ultra rejuvenating formula has an unparalleled precision in targeting pigmentation, age spots, blemishes and even keloids. It is specifically targeted to stimulate cellular renewal and effectively resist the overwhelming elements of environmental and photo ageing.


Can I use Célebre's Collagen Skin Elastin treatment even if I do not have any skin problems?

Surely! The best of skin does age too, so it is good to begin the anti-aging process early.


What is Célebre's stand in the face of cheaper Cell Therapy brands that claim to be just as effective?

Célebre offers products that have been produced after much extensive Swiss research. To facilitate offering the very finest, we maintain certain standards of quality that come at a premium. 100% Swiss certified, with necessary supporting certifications, Célebre’s ingredients are certified 100% natural with NO cheaper synthetic additives or hormones.


How do I know for sure that all Célebre products are full imported from Switzerland?

Célebre’s products are fully endorsed by with a Free Scale Certification that endorses that all of the brand’s products are genuine.


Can I use Célebre's products while I am on medication? (Eg.: Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cholesterol Medication, etc.)

Generally, it would be okay to, unless you are on antibiotics. Consult with your doctor for what would be best for you specifically.


Can I take Célebre Cell Therapy with any other treatments, medications or nutritional supplements?

Yes. Célebre Cell Therapy is NOT a drug as it does NOT contain any hormones or chemicals. It is scientifically certified and clinically tested and can be used in conjunction with any other treatments, medications or nutritional supplements.


Who should take Célebre Cell Therapy?

Any persons regardless of their age or sex who want to treat any degenerative diseases, or improve the quality of their lives by gaining essential health & anti-aging benefits.